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Come work with us on KM and UN co-ordination!

Come work with us on KM and UN co-ordination!

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Why Women Matter in Peacebuilding

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New episode: Patient Zero

Interesting exploration of how things start: the true story of Typhoid Mary, HIV patient zero, and the origin of the high five.

Liberia’s election: Winner takes all

A RUN-OFF presidential election on November 8th turned sour well before results were announced. Liberia’s main opposition called for a boycott after losing the first round amid dubious allegations of fraud. The day before the second poll police opened fire on protesters at an opposition rally, leaving at least two dead. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the incumbent, won a handsome 91% of the vote but turnout was a derisory 39%.Lacking solid legitimacy, she may now face a rocky second term unless she manages to mend fences with her opponents. Many of their claims of fraud are outlandish, yet some of their concerns are valid. The president’s party restricted their access to public spaces and dismissed the head of Liberia’s state broadcaster who had sought balanced coverage of the election.Ms Johnson Sirleaf, co-winner of this year’s Nobel peace prize, did allow a free and fair vote. But she failed to stop her underlings from taking dodgy steps beforehand to ensure victory. This bodes ill for Liberia. The poll has reinforced the country’s perennial divide between a small elite of Americo-Liberians, descendants of freed American slaves who…

A Link between Altruism and Fairness